Meeting with an Old Escort Girl

Escort job raises a lot of curiosity. As it is a taboo and very erased environment, it is not every day that we are lucky to have the right answers to our questions. This week we are lucky! Christine, a woman who has already worked in this profession, tells us her story.

The Beginning

Christine is incredibly generous and before starting the interview, I thank her for agreeing to tell us her story.

It makes me happy. If it can help people to understand what is the job of escort and to remove the prejudice, they have against those who chose to do this job at a time of their life, it will be accomplished.

Christine did not wake up one morning thinking she wanted to be an escort. Life had to put her on the wall to get information on the job.

I was in divorce for a few months. A divorce that had been very difficult since I had left all the property I owned. I had just lost a job and was struggling to find a job in my field. I had children who were counting on me, an apartment to pay and an owner not very understanding despite that I always paid in time. I saw myself in a dead end, I was no longer sleeping, did not know what to do then, not without fear, I took the newspaper and I got in touch with an escort agency.

The agency she contacted immediately put her in trust. Although she was very fearful, she agreed to visit her to have some explanation about how they work.

I was actually confident, but when I think about it today, I think it was still risky to do it that way. Will I be able to get out of this environment when I want to? Will I be abused? Will I be fired? We quickly make the link with documentaries and films that we have already seen and are far from putting the job all pink!

Housed in a flat containing four rooms, Christine was pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere of the place. The girls were waiting for their clients in a tastefully decorated living room where they could read, study or watch TV. No consumption was allowed, girls who did not respect this regulation were thanked by the agency.

Some customers came directly because they knew the place. Others phoned and asked if their favorites were available, and some telephoned for a trip to a home or city hotel. For travel, when the customer did not have his regular, the operator, gave a description of the girls to customers and the latter simply chose the girl he wanted.

Meeting with a Client

Then comes the fateful moment: a client chooses her for the first time! How did she feel?

In fact, I was stressed. He was a regular customer of the agency and what he wanted was an evening at the restaurant in charming company to finish at his hotel room. In a way, the ice broke more slowly for me. He was a businessman in the late forties, still very handsome sir. He liked the fact that I stood out from others by my attitude more businesswoman; sexy tailor without a blouse to let see my bra. I knew how to introduce myself. I was always shaking hands with a good handful of potential customers by looking them in the eyes and I was serving them my best smile.

Before starting the evening, Christine went to her home to change. Accompanied by a driver, she joined her client who was already waiting at the restaurant.

What is surprising is that I had a pleasant evening, although a little stressed for the future. But as we talked a lot during the meal the rest went very well. I did not feel forced or not respected. Everything was done so naturally. This client has also become a regular thereafter. I saw him this way almost every week. Sometimes we had sex and sometimes not.

What he was looking for exactly?

Just having a good time in good company. He was not in a relationship (usually when they are, they say it) but did not want a lasting relationship and did not have the taste to go out flirting. He had money, so for him it was the easy thing to do. He ensured that the relationship was limited to a pleasant “business” relationship.

Who were They?

Christine had her regular clietns, mostly business people. Some simply needed companionship and only arranged for him to talk. She considers herself lucky despite one time she fell on a client hard!

When it’s still a business relationship for both parties it’s going very well but when you fall in love with it, it makes things much more difficult. It can even scare you. The owner had to get involved once. This man wanted me out of this world and make his life with me. Sex and love are two things. The stories to the Pretty Woman, I’ve seen and it’s true that it happens.

A Paid Job – the Price of an Escort

Out of curiosity, I ask Christine how the salary works. Is it a voluntary contribution or a fixed salary?

I had a basic rate. $200 the first hour because I had to pay my driver and the operator and it was $ 160 for the following hours. I also gave a percentage to the agency that was used to pay the local, advertising etc. The problem is that although on the spot, we do not do this job by choice, we end up taking the habit of the latter and we take especially taste for the money that it brings because that a good escort earns a lot of money.

Being an escort is paying off but a lot of expenses are needed to keep the “job head”. The new clothes, the underwear, the make-up, Christine had to be constantly renewed. She did it for a year and a half. She furnished her apartment, bought a car and set aside pennies for her family. Her clients spoiled her: flowers, chocolate, lingerie, dinners in the best restaurants, the most beautiful hotel rooms, etc.

So Why Did Tou Stop Practicing this Job?

Psychological exhaustion, I would say. I do not think it’s a profession that you can practice for a long time while remaining sane. It is very demanding. You must be the friend, the lover and sometimes even the psychologist. At some point, I was going home completely empty, I felt lonely and realized that I wanted more. I needed to be loved, to receive and not just give.

The Motto: Prudence!

Working as an escort allowed Christine to regain confidence in herself. Following a relationship tinged with emotional abuse that had taken away her self-esteem, she realized that she was a beautiful and attractive woman. Moreover, thanks to her open-mindedness, she judges people far less quickly. She still has a message to convey to those who would like to practice an escorts job.

Prudence, what I have lived is not necessarily what everyone could live. I was lucky to find two very good agencies, which may not always be the case. The winnings are very attractive, but there is always a risk. I just hope to bring down some of the judgments we can make about escorts.

I am not a bad girl, or a drug addict or a waste of society. I am a woman like many others, who ended up in a situation that was not obvious at one point. I could be your sister, your neighbor, your university classmate or your friend. I am no different from other women. I just have a little secret garden.

Thank you very much for sharing your story with us!